Green Starts With You And Your Actions

Going green is something that you have to participate in if you want to tout green credentials. All the reusable totes in the world and all of the cheering at environmental rallies mean nothing if you do not take steps toward living a sustainable, green lifestyle yourself. You have to take a look at your habits and use of resources and see what you can do to reduce your footprint. Use paper bags as book covers, use reusable bags whenever possible if you actually need to hold something, turn off lights, walk more instead of driving and so on.The
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Three Clear Reasons Why The Planet Is Changing

Three Clear Reasons Why The Planet Is Changing

1. Global Warming And Polar Ice Cap Melting
It is no secret that the polar ice caps are melting. This is a devastating fact to wrestle with. What this means is that global warming is more than a theory it is a fact. This is one of the leading aspects of the ecological revolution that is taking place. The way that the polar ice caps melt greatly affects the whole world’s population. This is because the melting will influence the levels of the ocean and
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Texas Goes Green with Wind Power

Texas green energy options are as vast as the Lone Star state itself. Solar power, wind power, smart grid technology and biomass fuels are all part of Texas going green. The state is active with national incentives and initiatives to promote green technology, and they have enacted state programs, as well. Consumers – whether residential, commercial or industrial – have many options when it comes to participating in green energy utilization in Texas. Click here to compare green energy products for your home.
Many utilities in Texas offer loans and rebates to customers for installation and use of energy efficiency and renewable fuels technologies. Dozens of utility rebate programs are available throughout the state, including most counties and larger cities. Austin, for instance, is implementing green technology for electricity production and integrating smart grid technology with wind and solar power production.
Texas trains many wind power professionals in-state. Clarendon College, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University and the Texas Wind Energy Institute are among the institutions offering wind energy training, certifications and degrees. Texas Tech is the only university in the state – and one of the few in the United States- to offer a Ph.D. in Wind Science and Engineering.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Houston employs the most wind turbine technicians among all cities in the country. Dallas ranks third for employment of wind technicians and is the third best-paying city for this profession. The average annual salary for a wind turbine technician in Dallas is 60,860, followed by Houston in 4th place with an annual average salary of 45,670. Among all non-metropolitan areas in the States, northwestern Texas has the highest concentration of wind turbine technician jobs. This region is also the highest paying non-metropolitan area of the country for wind techs.
Nearly 200 renewable energy companies do business in Texas, including manufacturers and installers of wind energy systems. Over 10,000 jobs for wind power technology professionals exist in the Lone Star State. If Texas were an independent nation, it would be the sixth largest wind energy producing country on the globe. Wind generates nearly 8 of Texas electricity, and this number continues to rise.
Enough wind capacity is under development in Texas to double its installed capacity over the next few years. These projects, along with the construction of new transmission lines already underway, will pump 30 billion into the Texas economy and create 41,000 new green technology jobs in the state. Five major wind turbine tower manufacturers operate out of Texas headquarters, along with blade and turbine fabrication facilities.

Off The Wall Crazy Energy Ideas!

You may think you have thought of every single way to save energy in your home and daily life. However, you probably haven’t. Below are several crazy out of the box ideas you can use to save a lot of energy.

1. Hire a Company to Seal Up Your Home

A lot of energy is wasted due to heat or cold air escaping through tiny cracks and openings in a home. If you pay a professional company to seal up all these tiny sports, you could be saving a lot on your home’s energy consumption.

2. Telecommute

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Uh-Oh! China Is Dominating Renewable Energy Market

With its sizable population and rapid rate of industrialization, China is emerging as an economic and manufacturing powerhouse with the potential to play a major role in a number of global markets for decades to come. The resources and development efforts that China has invested towards renewable energy solutions have been considerable, placing it at the head of the pack in terms of the renewable energy market. The reliance of the United States on more conventional energy sources and fossil fuels may cost it a much needed edge
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Is Investing In Solar Power The Smart Choice

Wall Street analysts and financial industry experts are torn over the potential upside of investments in the solar power marketplace. Failures such as Solyndra have remained in the minds of traders when alternative energy firms are mentioned. Even the companies that have survived for a decade or longer have rarely turned profits enough to justify large investments in stocks or capital.

The conventional wisdom may prove outdated as more countries invest in their solar power capabilities. China,
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Three Third Generation Solar Systems Defined

New advances in renewable energy technology have made possible a current generation of materials and equipment that is able to far exceed the power output of older options. Learning more about the changes that are making solar power a more versatile and viable long-term energy solution can provide you with valuable insight into the world we live in. Understanding the role that renewable resources are playing in addressing the current energy crisis may not be an issue that you can afford to overlook. The tools and infrastructure needed to power the future may already be in use today.

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Check out These Fun Facts About solar Power

Solar power offers a simple, effective and versatile way to power individual homes, cities and even whole regions and nations. Learning more about the benefits that this sustainable alternative has to offer can be an important part of any effort to spread awareness and create greater demand for clean energy. Educating yourself about the serious nature of the looming energy crisis, as well as any technologies and resources that may be able to play an
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